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Fr. Dan Walsh and Deacon Tom Berna are available for pastoral conversation.
Please call parish office (412-421-9210) to make a confidential appointment.

Abortion - Perhaps you are faced with an unexpected pregnancy. Perhaps you, or someone you know, had an abortion and feels rejected by the Church. Confidential counseling is available here at St. Stephen's (412-421-9210) from Fr. Dan or Deacon Tom. The diocesan Project Rachael Hotline (412-456-3167) answers every day from 8 AM to 10 PM. For more information visit www.rachelsvineyard.org.

Addiction - Fr. Dan and Deacon Tom offer confidential pastoral conversation for persons suffering from addiction (either themselves or a family member). Call the office (412-421-9210) to arrange for a confidential appointment. 

Annulment - When a couple divorces, either spouse may ask the Church to review the marriage to determine if it met all the criteria for a "valid" marriage on the couple's wedding day. If one or more requirements for a valid marriage were not met, then the Church issues a "Declaration of Nullity" stating that no valid marriage took place and the spouses are free to marry. There may have been many blessings from the couple: periods of love, children and other positive examples of God's presence and action in their lives. The "Declaration of Nullity" in no way denies the blessings that came from this union; it simply states that one or more requirements for a valid marriage were missing on the wedding day. How do I know if I need an annulment?  If you (or your present spouse) were previously married and the former spouse is still living, you need a declaration of nullity for each failed marriage in order to have your current marriage brought into the church. If you are not married and have no intention of marrying, you do not need an annulment. Fr. Dan and Deacon Tom are available to discuss your specific situation with compassion and strict confidence. Please call the parish office (412-421-9210) to arrange for an appointment.
A more-detailed explanation is available at the diocesan website: https://diopitt.org/annulments

Baptism - The sacrament of Baptism is offered to children and adults here at St. Stephen's. Parents are encouraged to contact the parish office before the child is born; this allows the parents to participate in Baptism preparation sessions without worrying about caring for a newborn child. Baptisms can take place during Sunday Mass or outside of Mass on Saturday or Sunday afternoon.

C.C.D./Religious Formation - Classes for students in kindergarten through eighth grade, along with high school students (who are preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation) are available. Please call the office and leave a message with the parish secretary, Denise Motta, Monday through Thursday 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM (412-421-9210). 

Divorce - I am divorced; may I still receive Holy Communion? We welcome divorced persons with open arms. If you are not married, we encourage you to receive Communion frequently. If you are married (outside the Catholic Church) we encourage you to worship with us and to receive a blessing at each Mass. Out of obedience to church law we ask that you not receive Communion until your present marriage is recognized as valid by the Catholic Church. Fr. Dan and Deacon Tom offer compassionate, confidential assistance: our first priority is to welcome you and then we will work with you to seek a Declaration of Nullity (annulment) if needed and to bring your marriage into the church. Call the parish office (412-421-9210) to arrange for a confidential appointment.

Marriage - I am married "outside the church" - what do I need to do to get my marriage "blessed?"
If neither you nor your spouse were previously married, the procedure is quite simple. Fr. Dan and Deacon Tom are available to complete the paperwork with you, arrange for appropriate pre-marriage training and officiate at your Catholic marriage. Please call the office (412-421-9210) to make a confidential appointment with Fr. Simon, or Deacon Tom.

Marriage - Check out the website: http://foryourmarriage.org