FLCM Buying Club

 Fishes and Loaves Cooperative Ministries

Dylamato's provides weekly delivery - 
call Dianne at 412-657-9536.

LOCATION - Spartan Community Center (former St. Stephen School)
(134 E. Elizabeth St. - enter from Parking Lot between Church and School)

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Fishes and Loaves Cooperative Ministries serves the people of Hazelwood and surrounding communities. The Food Buying Club brings wholesome food into the community at reasonable prices. We shop in Pittsburgh's Strip District - we get bread from Macini's Bakery and fresh fish & meat from Wholey's. We also purchase fresh produce from Dylamato's Market in Hazelwood, and we complete our shopping at Aldi and Giant Eagle - always looking for quality food at reasonable prices. We bring the groceries back to the neighborhood and distribute the food to customers who have ordered it.

The club started in 2011 with the goal of helping people who find it difficult to get to a grocery store. Our neighborhood is classified as a Food Desert because we have no grocery stores. Three churches (St. Stephen, Hazelwood Christian and Hazelwood Presbyterian) along with the Hazelwood Initiative Community Development Organization have been working together. 

Let us shop for you! If you find it difficult to get to a supermarket, we are happy to do some grocery shopping:
  1. Dylamato's Market - give them a call 412-657-9536 - Dianne delivers! She also accepts SNAP, credit/debit...
  2. Fishes and Loaves - we'll help with grocery shopping: call 412-426-9034 and leave a message - we'll call back

In August 2015 we brought Meals on Wheels to St. Stephen as part of Fishes and Loaves Cooperative Ministries. For information about receiving Meals on Wheels or to volunteer or donate, please contact us at flcm5000@gmail.com or 412-426-9034. The Meals on Wheels application form (see below) requests information so we can contact YOU or an alternate person if you are not available. We ask for demographic information which is useful when we apply to foundations and agencies for grants. We ask that each client contribute what they can (suggested $20-$25/week) - we provide a hot meal and a brown bag lunch Monday through Friday. No one is turned away based on ability to pay. You may call: 412-426-9034.

With the closing of the Hazelwood YMCA Building, Fishes and Loaves Cooperative Ministries extended its Meals on Wheels program to provide free lunches to those in the neighborhood who come to St. Stephen Pastoral Center (131 E. Elizabeth) Monday through Friday, noon to 12:30 PM. With the loss of the YMCA Building, our neighbors who have depended on the Congregate Feeding Program offered by the YMCA were at risk of losing access to this service. Fishes and Loaves, with the support of St. Stephen Parish, is happy to continue this service.

The monthly FOOD Distribution from the Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank has moved from the YMCA to the former St. Stephen school at 134 E. Elizabeth St. Distribution is the FIRST Saturday of the month (see 2018 schedule attached, below). 
To qualify, sign up at the YMCA Family Center in the basement of the library (a.k.a. The Hazelwood Center); sign-up times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 10 AM to 1 PM.

Our Meals on Wheels program, including free lunches, relies on donations. 
Please support us at whatever level you can.
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 You may send a check to:
Fishes and Loaves Cooperative Ministries
5115 Second Ave.
Pittsburgh, PA   15207   

Donate Online (PayPal or Credit/Debit)
You may download an order form for the Buying Club below. 
For more information, contact Deacon Tom Berna.
You may also reach Deacon Tom at 412-414-3125.

We accept: Visa/MasterCard/Discover and EBT (Access) cards.
Customer MUST present card at time of payment.
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