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St. Stephen Alumni Page
Current and former parishioners, along with students who attended St. Stephen school and faculty are welcome to join the Alumni group in fellowship, social gatherings and fundraising efforts.  Look for future meetings and functions on this website.  To receive email updates, please e-mail: along with your name and mailing address so we can keep you posted.  If you would like to mail in your information, click on the link below.   
The Alumni Newsletters, which are published quarterly, are linked below.  Please contact us if you would like to add birthday, anniversary, wedding, engagement, etc announcements, as well as reunion information!  We want to hear from you.


St. Stephen Alumni Committee

  • Karen Fleming Campbell, ‘79
  • Judy Velgich Gallagher,’83
  • Lori Fleming Seaman, ‘83
  • Cindy Vandergrift
  • Rose Velgich, ‘81
  • Ellen Brosnan, ‘52
  • Tom Cline, ‘78
  • Beth Ann Deasy, 81
  • John Figlar, ‘77
  • Michelle Startari Hyde, ‘79 
  • Donna Iannone, ‘76
  • Helen Behun Johns, ‘77
  • Lupe Saavedra Mangan, ‘52
  • Tom Mangan, ‘81
  • Bob "Mace" Mariano, ‘63
  • Bridget Sullivan Mesko, ‘96
  • Eileen McShea O’Neil, ‘44
  • Doris Ponder, ‘78
  • David Primm
  • Michelle Figlar Quinlan, ‘81
  • Donald Reola, ‘49
  • Suzy Bradley Smith
  • Dale Stephenson, ‘79
  • Pat Mangan Suzio, ‘74
  • Carol Vavro


The Alumni Committee has set the following goals: 

1.      The Alumni Committee has committed to supporting the St. Stephen School Building which will continue to support the neighborhood of Hazelwood and beyond.  This commitment includes, but is not limited to time, talent, funding, etc.

2.      The Alumni Committee is committed to updating and increasing the alumni database. (On-going)

3.      The Alumni Committee is committed to recruiting new members.

4.      The Alumni Committee is committed to writing, editing, and maintaining the Alumni Newsletter to share stories, history and updates on alumni.

We are MOST grateful for all donations to date designated for the school building. The parish is in the process of transferring ownership and operation of the building to a non-profit corporation, "Spartan Community Center of Hazelwood, Inc." started by alumnus Tom Cline. Please consider donating to the new non-profit after 1/1/2017. Donations made before that time may be directed to the general operating fund of St. Stephen parish. Of course, you may also donate to the parish, but if you wish to donate to the school building, please wait until 1/1/2017. 

In gratitude,

The St. Stephen Alumni Committee


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